Welding means that the joint of two or more objects or materials that you want to join 용접특수기능사

To be joined directly or in a cold (room temperature) semi-melting (just before melting) or molten state;

This refers to the addition of molten dragonfish between two or more objects and the indirect joining of them.

This is a 10nm gap between the two metals that Newton wants to join in accordance with the law of dissuasion.

That’s about one hundred millionth of a centimeter of an approach, and it’s a combination of people.

Therefore, even though the metal surface looks smooth, it is concave and convex when enlarged.

In a large area, the attraction between the atoms is applied and not joined together.

Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of the bonding, remove the oxide film from the metal surface.

It should prevent the generation of oxides and make them accessible to surface atoms.